Along side the City States of Dandolo webgames, we also run a custom community server for Legends of Aria that runs on a Windows PC 3d client in a fantasy MMO world.

The server will be economics and trade focused with a medieval merchant theme.

CSoD is developed by VidYen, LLC and will be experimenting with a new monetization model not attempted by any other self hosted server in any game that we know of.

We also testing the idea that players can earn actual cryptocurrency, The DOGE Coin, in a nod to the Doge’s of Venice, by exchanging either in money earned in game or via monetization methods for DOGE coin.

This way, the site can earn money from people who don’t own LoA, while allowing those who do to play for free while earning crypto rewards for simply killing monsters.


Players who are time limited can simply watch a few ads or earn the daily/weekly/hourly free login rewards on the Dandolo City website and transfer in game.

They can also play the mini RTS games where they train soldiers and raid villages for resources to earn wood, iron, and gold to quickly level those skills without having to spend hours grinding on clicking trees and rocks (Yes, it was fun in 1997, but even I can’t tolerate it myself these days -Felty)

However, these features are not required and one can simply play the game as normal as any other server BUT

Players can now get DOGE coin from the website either by using the RTS system or earning gold by playing in game and transferring it to the website.

This allows non-LoA players to support the server as well as reward the actual players for playing.

NOTE: You can kill monsters in game for gold which you can transfer to this website and trade for actual crypto!

Future Plans

The current goal is to make the process more seamless and to add an economic and strategic layer to the game.

  • Add player to player trading on the website
  • Add non LoA player trading with the LoA players
  • Add resource gathering and building construction on website
  • Add ability to bring in soldiers and equipment built on website into the game (I’m thinking Mount & Blade with the Nova Aetus mod here. -Felty)
  • Add dynastic systems
  • Add a custom map
  • Develop a more realistic trading system in game
  • Provide off man continent where wars are waged off game which ways for LoA players to influence that
  • Provide more crypto rewards for players to bring in Blockchain Gamers

The Problem of Pay to Win

Most free to play games and even the pay to play models (such the core with the cash shop) use the legacy model where it just though to make money everyone must buy items direct with cash.

If these items given any type of advantage, the players without cash feel like they are at a disadvantage and for good cause. When someone can open up their wallet and beat them without even learning to play the game, its a slap in the face to thoughts without money or income.

The problem with just cosmetics is that although it still makes a game or community server money, it still makes the players without money still disgruntled that this person gets to flaunt all these cool items that even they have a hard time getting.

The Solution

The answer was right there in front of many game developers already, but they were often too used to the old system and the owners of the companies felt that the pay to win whales will always carry them through.

The answer is to not accept direct cash, but to level the playing field with technologies already found in rewards sites (sites where the money poor but time rich can earn gift cards) and users can all watch ads and do other activities to earn in game wealth while earning the server money.


The goal of CSoD is to have a custom and functional game, but to never accept direct payments in cash, but to make all players equal in the ways they earn in game currency, items, and skills.

Watching advertisement will be weighted as some of you have better computers than other for mining, but the developers of this server feel that web mining is the future of content monetization so it will be an option.

Everyone can take the time to watch ads or mine crypto currency (not accepting direct payments of crypto currency) as you all have computers and phones to do this on.

Would You Like To Know More?

Do you need to get the game?

Current login address:

If you are server admin or plan to be and would like to use this system or help with getting the LoA server communication with your WordPress site, reach out to us on the Discord server listed above.