Bringing crypto mining to a mining game!

Due to the barrier of entry for Legends of Aria and the requirements to run it on Windows Only, we have decided to take an open source game called Minetest and integrate it into the Dandolo City API.

While you cannot mine crypto directly in game, you can earn webmine on the Dandolo City website and purchase pick axes to mine in game for treasures.

But wait there is more!

You can earn Dandolo City Gold by playing this game and finding diamonds. If you create a diamond block you can use a command to trade 1 in game diamond block for 30,000 DCC which you can then trade for DOGE, BTC, or LTC

How to play

  1. First register on the Dandolo City website.
  2. Download a copy of MineTest of a version for your device or computer
  3. Connect to the following mine test server: on port 30000 (Not you can search for Dandolo in the server list)
  4. Create a user name with a password. REMEBER THIS PASSWORD!
  5. Confirm this password while logging into the server.
  6. Go to your Dandolo City website profile under My Profile.
  7. Set your Minetest user ID to the name you used to log into the mine test server
  8. While in game type /dandolo to see list of chat commands.


To use the commands to get pickaxes install, press / on the keyboard to bring up the console and use the commands.

List of commands are as follows

  • /stonepick – Stone Pickaxe for 10 gold
  • /steelpick – Steel Pickaxe for 100 gold
  • /mesepick – Mese Pickaxe for 1000 gold
  • /satpick – Satoshi (Diamond) Pickaxe for 10000 gold
  • (withdraws have been disabled for now)

How to play Minetest


All Dandolo City EULA rules apply the game server so none of the harassment or racism as this will result in a ban. That said…

You are allowed to:

  • You are free to destroy the world in attempt to strip mine for diamonds
  • You are free to build defenses against other players
  • You are free to destroy defenses and structures of other players
  • You are free to kill other players with combat weapons or traps

However, you are not allowed to:

  • Build traps to catch players as they log in for first time
  • Block the spawn zones
  • Flood the world